Rating the impact and success of films beyond the box office

The Film Impact Rating is a first step in the reconsideration of how we might understand the effectiveness of Australian films in a global industry. To move beyond the dominance of box office as a measure of film success, we explored “impact” through three themed categories: coverage, commentary, and commercial performance. Coverage involves data concerning the location, volume, and saturation of film screenings; commentary covers critic and user ratings aswell as award nominations and wins; and commercial data includes the traditional box-office return measure and box office relative to production budget size. The primary data used in the study (see The Kinomatics Project) captures all film screenings in 46 countries over the 18-month period ending 1 July 2014, and enables detailed empirical study of the locations visited by Australian-produced films. For a full explanation of the impact rating see our Film Impact Description.

We are also interested in what you think

What factors do you think matter the most for calculating film impact? Create your own Film Impact Rating by reordering the sliders to reflect your priorities (0 for not important to 10 for very important). The different weightings you assign to each variable will be collected and used to inform us of what the public think are the most important aspects related to film impact.

Top 10 Australian Films (2013)
Rating Film Title
95.53 Saving Mr. Banks
93.87 The Great Gatsby
65.18 The Railway Man
62.23 Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
46.82 The Rocket
42.01 Tracks
35.00 Adore
33.47 Wolf Creek 2
30.52 Mystery Road
28.41 Satellite Boy

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Number of Countries Visited

Total number of countries that screened the film

Number of Domestic Screenings

Total number of Australian screenings

Number of International Screenings

Total number of international screenings (outside of Australia)

Number of Venues the Film Screened In Globally

Total number of venues that screened the film globally

Venue Saturation

Average number of venues screened as a percentage of total number of venues possible within each of the countries that screened the film


Domestic Box Office Receipts

Total Australian box office receipts

International Box Office Receipts

Total international (countries outside of Australia) box office receipts

Production Budget As A Percentage of Worldwide Box Office

Total production budget as a percentage of world-wide box office receipts


Average User Rating on IMDb

Average user rating on imdb.com

Number of IMDb Users Polled

Total number of users polled on imdb.com to produce average user rating

Number of Critics Polled on Rotten Tomatoes

Total number of critics polled on rottentomatoes.com to produce average critics rating

Average Critics Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Average critic rating on rottentomatoes.com

Number of Award Nominations

Total number of award nominations according to imdb.com

Number of Awards Won

Total number of awards won according to imdb.com


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Technical development by James Verhoeven
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This research was supported under Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme (DP120101940)

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